Parish Letter

September 2021

Hello everyone,

It’s been a lovely Summer hasn’t it? The sun has definitely been out more than we are used to! Although 2020 was also a surprisingly warm year. This year we have been free to mingle a bit more with our friends and families and that has made it an extra lovely Summer, for me anyway (I don’t forget that not everyone is as fortunate as I am). It is so great to have Weddings and Christenings and family celebrations, celebrating love and bringing joy into our lives once more, along with the opportunities to be welcoming and hospitable. It has surprised me how quickly people have rushed back to near normal social interaction. We really missed the hospitality industry didn’t we! I am pleased that we at church are once again able to have refreshments and sing in church, and I am delighted that the hall hire is starting up again so we can rejoin our exercise classes or other activities. Of course, we are still being careful of the vulnerable amongst us and observing Hands, Face, Space! Or whatever variation on the sanitizer, masks and space slogans you prefer.

As we start September it really feels like the start of something new doesn’t it. Not just the start of the academic year but the start of the social season. In church circles we are told we are entering the ‘Season of Invitation’ in September. There are so many opportunities to invite our friends and neighbours to join us during the coming months. In my experience we held a ‘Back to Church’ invitational service in September or a ‘Welcome to our School’ party for the new parents at the Primary Schools. We celebrate Harvest with joy in October, usually with food! Harvest plans seem well under way in all the churches. Hampsthwaite are holding a Ceilidh in the memorial hall and Birstwith a concert in the beautifully decorated church, Killinghall are planning a meal with entertainment. Watch out for the dates and times and details!

There is so much to look forward to in the coming months and now that we are able to hold events and get togethers I invite all of you to put your thinking caps on and consider. What do we do in church in the next few months, or around Christmas, that you would enjoy being a part of and inviting your friends along to? If you have a great idea for something – don’t be shy, share it with the rest of us. Let’s make our churches buzzy, lively places where everyone feels welcome and happy to join us.

I wish you all a wonderful September and pray that the good news continues.

God Bless you all,

Rev’d Suzy

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