Parish Letter


Dear All,

The beginning of November heralds shorter days, longer nights and colder weather to come.  The clocks have gone back (I could never remember which way they go until I heard the useful phrase ‘Clocks spring forwards in the spring and fall back in the fall’ – ok, so it is an American word for autumn, but at least I now remember!) and we are heading into wintertime.  We had a truly glorious summer and, whilst we may rue the end of the long hot days, I personally love that feeling of being outside in colder weather and having the great fortune to return to a warm, comfortable home, and a choice of hot drinks and winter fodder like soups, jacket potatoes and, of course, puddings!

I know that I am in a very fortunate and privileged position to have a home and plenty to eat and drink, and it isn’t lost on me that I, for one, have these privileges due to the incredible bravery of those who do not, who lost their lives in the two World Wars as well as in more recent conflicts.  This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the end of WWI and it is a real honour to be able to pay tribute to those incredible people whose sacrifice enables our lives in the UK here today to be as they are.

Now, as then, we face our future with a sense of hope: hope for a world that is without conflict at any level, hope that right will prevail, hope that our natural resources will be enough to sustain life in all corners of the globe, hope that human kindness and love will triumph.  That is the hope of the Kingdom of God – a world where harmony and peace is restored and where love prevails.  As we look back with grateful thanks, we also look forward with hope.

With every blessing,


The Reverend Chrissy Wilson


And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13.13