What we do

The band fulfils more than one role in the church.  It provides accompaniment for hymns and songs at the monthly All Age Worship service (third Sunday each month), not only to support the choir and aid the congregational singing but also to give this particular service an additional spiritual lift through instrumental music.  It also exists, not only to allow players of all ages and standards to play together in a joyous atmosphere, but also particularly to encourage young people to further develop their skills on their chosen instrument and experience the pleasure of playing together in a group.  The band, or individual members of it, often contribute a voluntary at the end of a service or play for a communion hymn.  Occasionally, in the past, the band has given a short concert at the end of a service.  We are always looking for new ways to develop how we can contribute to spirituality and enjoyment of worship.

Background to the Band

Instrumental music has been a feature of worship at St. James’ for many years, from informal groups playing ad hoc at services and on other occasions, even at weddings.  In more recent times, over the past twenty years or so, it has existed in a more formal way.  The number of players in it has varied widely over the years.  Currently, it stands at about 10-12 players on the list (it has been over 20!) but the number at any one service can be from one to the maximum.

Who can join?

We welcome anyone of any age and ability to come and swell our numbers.  You don’t have to be a member of our church community to join in.  We like to think it is quite good fun as well as making a contribution to the worshipping life of St. James’.  There are no specific entry requirements for playing in the band other than being able to get a sequence of notes out of an instrument and, preferably, to be able to have some rudimentary knowledge of reading music.  I can usually write simplified parts for young or inexperienced players to help them get started.  The hope is that we all learn from each other. We rehearse at 10am before the 11am service and the parts are sent out a week or two prior to the service.

If you like the idea and would like to join or find out more about it, contact me by phoning 01423 770412 or send me an e-mail to

John Mitchell, Band Director