Parish Letter


Dear All,

I mentioned back in my February letter that we have been looking at ways of growing our Church through our Vision and planning.  This was set as growing in three ways: numbers, spirituality and mission, and I wanted to give you an update on some of the ways we have been working, as well as to invite you to join us.

The Archbishop of York has a wonderful little phrase, which I have heard him say to sum up what Church should do, and it’s this, ‘Prayer…and Party!’  In line with this and with the Diocesan values of Loving, Living and Learning, we have been focused on a particular prayer, which we use at our meetings and in church services.  It’s called the LYCIG prayer (which stands for Leading Your Church Into Growth) and here it is, for you to pray too please:

God of Mission

Who alone brings growth to your Church,

Send your Holy Spirit to give

Vision to our planning,

Wisdom to our actions,

And power to our witness.

Help our Church to grow in numbers,

In spiritual commitment to you,

And in service to our local community,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

We have been thinking about ways in which we can reach out to the community and ways we can focus on being Church together.  We have begun training people to participate in leading aspects of our services and study groups and we have eleven members of our congregations from across the Benefice who are committed to this and we look forward to them taking on new and different roles in our church life in due course.

We are all called to serve God in various ways, and no one way is more important than any other, but each are distinctive.  In all that we do as Christians, we are seeking to build up the body of Christ, the Church, here on earth.

So, what about the Party bit, I hear you ask?  Just for fun, we are having a Beetle Drive and Bring & Share Tea on Saturday 14th July from 5-7pm and hope you will come and join us for fun and fellowship.  We can build up the body of Christ, the Church, as we build up the body of the Beetle!

With every blessing,


Rev Chrissy Wilson