Parish Letter


Dear All,

As I write this, snow is falling outside and the whole landscape is being altered.  What I can normally see in my front garden is scrubby grass, some overgrown shrubs, the mossy drive and a hotchpotch of trees.  But, because of the snow, I see a swirling mass of snowflakes and a blanket covering of pristine white.  Everything is the same, but it looks different, better.  What is in my line of vision is altered.

We have been thinking about our Benefice Vision over the past several months, recognising and articulating that we wish to grow in numbers, in our spirituality and in our mission throughout all the churches.  The thinking isn’t radical, but it shifts the focus on what we are looking at and gives us a fresh perspective, a little like the landscape after a fresh snowfall.  Snow in this country, however temporary, seems to bring challenges but it also brings a sense of wonder, a freshness in the air and we suddenly talk to strangers about it and might even venture out in it to enjoy it.  Our Benefice Vision also has some of these aspects to it: there are challenges, but with them will hopefully come that sense of connection with others, that joy to be shared and talked about, the sense that we are all in it together.  Unlike the snow, we intend to adopt this landscape for the coming year!  Copies of the Vision Leaflet are available at the back of the church for you to look at and see how you might like to be involved, we would be delighted to hear from you about it.

One way to connect, or re-connect, with our spirituality and one another may be through our Lent Group, which will be focusing on the Creeds: what we say we believe and the trust we place in God’s promises through his Son.  For generations, people have articulated their faith in the Creeds, saying them week in week out over lifetimes.  This is our chance to explore what lies behind the words and phrases we use and what that may mean for us in this era.  We hope that you will join us throughout Lent, at special services and at our Lent Group (further details are listed under Upcoming Events).  We look forward to exploring and enjoying our faith together and we welcome everyone.

With every blessing,

Rev Chrissy Wilson

The ones on the rock are those who, when they hear the word, receive it with joy.
Luke 8.13